Greetings, well met!

I’m Wilbert Tabone, an interdisciplinary scientist interested in how technology can enhance the human condition. I specialise in Human-Computer Interaction, Neuroergonomics, User Experience design, Applied Artificial Intelligence, and Spatial Computing development. I’m passionate about shaping the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence, technology development in museums and the heritage sector, and new media art.


I am a Postdoc researcher at Delft University of Technology, focusing on enhancing human-robot interactions using brain-computer interfaces. In my research, I am traversing the fields of cognitive human-robot interaction, applied artificial intelligence, neuroimaging, and neuroergonomics.

Before this post, I read for a PhD in cognitive human-robot interaction at the same university as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Early Stage Researcher (ESR) in the Innovative Training Network project SHAPE-IT.

My particular area of focus was the development of AR and VR technologies to assess the interactions between automated vehicles and other road users and the development of interfaces to inform humans of the AI’s intentions, as well as promote transparent and safe interactions. I have experience in using a number of AR and VR simulation methods (including head-mounted displays and CAVE environments), and I am also experienced with developing several applications and experiments that make use of Large Language Models (LLMs). I have experience lecturing on spatial computing and LLM applications.

Other roles

Prior to my PhD, I spent several years working in both the private (industry) and public (Government) sectors. I have experience working in the digital game, telecommunications, and fintech industries. Furthermore, I have worked in digital technology development with a government ministry. I have also been engaged as a communications, data protection, and creative technology development consultant in the cultural heritage sector. During this period, I was responsible for organising several high-level conferences (both at a European and UN level), and I also formed part of the core team that developed the National Community Art Museum of Malta (MUŻA). My responsibilities ranged from technological development to overseeing the user experience and the development of a concept store. During this period, I also formed part of the Malta National AI Task Force, appointed by the Maltese Government to formulate Malta’s strategy on AI.

Art and culture

I am very passionate about applying scientific concepts and technology in the arts and in museums. I am still very much involved in the sector, where I attend several international cultural summits aimed at museum leaders and actively collaborate with artists seeking an art science angle in their projects. I am also a practising new media artist, constantly experimenting with creative computation, generative art, and spatial computing.

Currently, I am a member of a consortium of artists and scientists at TU Delft tasked with developing a permanent sculpture for the campus grounds.



Separate from professional life, I am actively involved in the cultural, technology and education sectors and serve as an activist for a number of Maltese and international NGOs, including the Commonwealth Youth Council, civil rights movements, and the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality. I have also been actively involved in the National Youth Parliament, and I also take a keen interest in calligraphy, classical voice training, opera, theatre, history and astronomy.

Research Interests

Human-Computer Interaction, Spatial Computing, Neuroergonomics, Human Perception, Human Factors, Artificial Intelligence, User Experience, Digital Cultural Heritage, Creative Computation, Art Science, Generative Art.

PhD Research

SHAPE-IT: Wilbert Tabone