Talks and presentations

Speech on AI and Automation at the EESC and EU Parliament

November 09, 2023

Talk, European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels, Belgium

Delivered a spech on AI and automation during a hearing on ‘young people and mental health’, organised by the European Economic and Social Committee and the European Parliament in Brussels. Event Website.

Presentation at the SHAPE-IT Final Event

June 20, 2023

Talk, Uni3 Conference Centre , Gothenburg, Sweden

Presented all the studies conducted during the course of my PhD in a popular study format to experts in the field, and all SHAPE-IT stakehodlers. The presentation was part of the SHAPE-IT final event.

Address to the Maltese Cabinet of Ministers

May 11, 2023

Talk, Københavns Universitet , Copenhagen, Denmark

Addressed the Maltese Cabinet of Ministers and the chiefs of the public service on the topic of digitisation, and the application and adoption of artificial intelligence in the public service.

Presentation at the University of Copenhagen

May 04, 2023

Talk, Københavns Universitet , Copenhagen, Denmark

Presented my entire PhD research to experts in Extended Reality at the Post-CHI XR summer school.

Presentation at the Technical University of Munich

October 03, 2022

Talk, TU Munich , Munich, Germany

Presented the current status of the PhD research at the SHAPE-IT science fest held in Munich.

Presentation at ICTTP

August 25, 2022

Talk, Lindholmen Conference Centre , Gothenburg, Sweden

Presented my PhD research as part of a SHAPE-IT special session at the T

Poster presentation at AHFE

July 25, 2022

Talk, Sheraton Hotel, New York, USA

Presented research related to an online study evaluating AR interfaces for pedestrian-vehicle interactions at the AHFE conference held in New York City.

Presentation at AutomotiveUI

September 14, 2021

Talk, Virtual, Leeds, United Kingdom

Presented research related to AR interfaces for pedestrian-vehicle interactions.

Vodcast on driverless cars

July 05, 2021

Talk, Virtual , Malta

Participated in a vodcast about self-driving vehicles (in Maltese). Watch here.

Keynote at World Museum Forum

November 26, 2020

Talk, Virtual, Seoul, South Korea

I was a keynote speaker at the World Museum Forum held in 2020, where I presented research on the use of computer vision techniques for connecting portraits together, and the use of augmented reality in a fine arts museum setting.

Business Today: Interview

October 24, 2019

Interview, Business Today, Malta

Interviewed by the Business Today about my role in the National Task Force on AI, the future of AI and the impact on the workforce, and also my role in the digital cutlural sector in Malta. Read here.

ICOM UK: Interview

October 21, 2019

Interview, ICOM UK, United Kingdom

Interviewed by the International Council of Museums UK about my role in digital cultural heritage in Malta. Read here.

Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Heritage

April 23, 2019

Talk, National Community Art Museum, Valletta, Malta

Presented research I had conducted on connecting portraits together using AI techniques, to a mixed audience.

Opinion piece on the Times of Malta

November 22, 2018

News, Times of Malta, Malta

Opinion piece on Malta’s most read newspaper, about the the rise of Artificial Intelligence. Read here.